As we all know, the new iPhone 7/7 Plus hit the shelves yesterday. Some of you may be rolling your eyes and shrugging it off as you play with your new exploding Samsungs or whatever while the rest of you, like myself, have probably doled out close to £1000 for the new piece of tech-wizardry. I say tech-wizardry, I understand that you can’t charge it while having headphones plugged in. But you know what? I don’t care. I’ve been an avid Apple user (Mac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone) since I was bought an iPod classic back in college, spent literally £££s on the App store and get confused by anything Windows. I’m a slave to Apple, and I know it…


Back at the end of May, I went to cover the Great British Tattoo Show on behalf of TKT (which you can read here). I had a lot of fun, spent a lot of time snapping some people in pain and models wearing the latest clothing, all the while sipping on the glorious Brother’s cider from their pop-up stall at the venue. Sadly, the inevitable happened and my iPhone 6 with ALL of my notes for the weekend decided to jump out of my shorts and into the quite disgusting toilety abyss. Now as anyone who’s ever dropped their phone in the toilet knows, there’s probably loads of different ways you can dry yours out. Myself, on the other hand, decided to ignore all ways, dry it off with some toilet paper and leave it in a hot car. I sent it to a reputable phone repair shop a week later, only to be told that my phone had gone on to a better life.


Now I’ve bricked my phone before, broken the screen to the point that it was unusable and more. Each time, I’ve had it repaired, doled out the cash as I never thought to get it insured, but this time, I was stuck with a dilemma. With money being tight and my contract expiring in September of this year (the same month the new iPhone would be released), I decided to brave the storm and go phoneless. And here’s what I learnt.


I didn’t exactly miss it. But I did…

I own so many bits and pieces of technology that I found myself using again since not having a phone. I dug out my iPod – a birthday present from my girlfriend that I seldom used – to have in the car for music. I dusted off my old iPad that’s slow as shit to use for toilet time, general social media mumbo jumbo and remembered that I’d got a desktop computer I could use to write my articles with rather than having it all on my phone. If I ever had to send a text message or call someone, I’d beg the missus to use hers or someone at work. I even used a calculator (I forgot they existed!) at work to weigh out some ingredients.

It’s crazy that in this day and age, we’ve managed to make many of these products and items defunct and squeeze them all into something that just fits into our pockets. Something I used to take for granted, I now have to spread out its functionality over several outlets which seems to take 3x as long! Although it can be nice not have cold callers or have the distraction at work when your friend texts you pictures of them down the pub while you’re busting your arse during service, you do find yourself distanced from the outside world.


Would I recommend a life without a phone?

Absolutely not. Although it’s quite refreshing not having to always worry about texting my mum back or having to reply to my girlfriend about picking something up from the shop, I think we all have to admit that having a phone has become a necessity. It’s a portable music player; it helps me find places when I’m lost, and it’s a cure for boredom when I’m waiting for the train. I’m happy to spend top dollar on a piece of tech that I don’t see getting any more advanced than it is now, although if it DOES get better, then I’ll shell out for the newer model because I am a brain-dead consumer. And I’m ok with that.

So for all of you reading this, I beg you. Take care of your phones. Insurance is a life-saver, cases can work in some cases and just remember… Have you ever tried taking a selfie with an iPad? It’s fucking hard!

Words and warnings by Elliott Stubbings

Ridiculously blind and biased review of the iPhone 7 Plus coming soon!