Terminal stupidity has infected the UK to a level that brits need to be told what’s funny and when to laugh, how they should react to anything and everything, an unshakeable belief that they have no power to change anything and must accept ‘the way things are’.
People worship money, and materialism has corrupted our culture.

We’re living in an increasingly narcissistic society, is Social Media to blame? Damn you Zuckerberg, and the digital platform you created, to allow this prevalent manifestation of self-promotion, selfie’s and spitefulness.

As this is the dawning of the age of the bimbo, to meet the demands of; luxury gift buying, capturing a half decent pre-drinks snap for Instagram (we pity you Instagram husbands), being compared to other relationships (chronic dissatisfaction) among many other gluttonous traits, become virtually impossible.

Hey, it’s not all bad. I momentarily forgot where this rant was heading, it had no real means or purpose, like Nick Grimshaw or something. If you’re getting rather bored, just go to Nandos and order your medium butterfly chicken with plain fries, and then, be super-cheeky, and order a water and fill it up with sprite! #LADS

We face a plethora of media bombardment and propaganda, don’t let the Kardashians brainwash you! I exclaim to my beloved girlfriend. Don’t let their material and superficial lives pull the wool over your innocent eyes. Don’t be so naive towards the corrupt culture of the Murdoch empire.

One thing I implore upon the readers out there, don’t entirely object to the idea of being speculative, skeptical or even cynical, some of these traits help to challenge and question what is right and wrong in the world, not to mention being paired with a deep sense of love and emanating compassion toward society. Let’s start to care about the welfare of others, initiate generosity, random acts of kindness, and a true sense of benevolence towards ourselves and others.

Peace out!

Jake Newbould