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Posted on July 04 2016

So I know this is a bit late and that Doom has been out a few weeks already but I’m sure there are those of you out there that, like me, hold a more than a bit of scepticism about it. For myself and the rest of you untrusting lot we hold an image in our minds surrounding Doom and the original titles (I’m not talking Doom 3 here, I’m going old school). We loved the simplicity of these games and the sheer joy of blowing away enemies with the shotgun and the anticipation of finding the BFG.

So with payday fast approaching I thought it was high time I game the game a blast, having already taken part in the Doom multiplayer beta and fully enjoyed the change of pace from today’s Call Of Duty and Battlefield saturated online world and the game changing break from the campers that hound us less cowardly players.

So the PS4 gets turned on and after deleting a couple of other demos and little games (still a bug bare of mine that horribly limited storage space) I download and fire up the Doom demo with more than a little anticipation and a fair amount of excitement for what i was about to experience.

The demo starts me off in some sort of lab that gifts me with a pistol to take on a few of the first enemies, swiftly dispatched and a flashback gone by which shows the first of some demonic rituals and the links to hell that are so integral to the series. Quickly the demo teaches me the basics of the game and loads me out with my personal favourite, the shotgun!


Not so long in the game shoves me outside the facility I’m in with an objective to fix a relay, fairly standard stuff in those terms but I’m more than happy to go with that. So outside i got and encounter a few new bad guys along the way including the ever loved imps.

In way of how the game looks, I’d say it looks awesome, loving the mars terrain that has been created for this. Textures are awesome and how each new area is built to be non-liner makes the game a pleasure to play and does slightly make each battle feel like a multiplayer match, jumping around rocks and architecture with enemy fire flying everywhere and the AI proving to put up a decent fight, at one stage i see a stray salvo kill a dude behind me with friendly fire.

It probably took me around 15-20 minutes to complete the demo which was a little short for my liking but it is a demo after all. Though my final verdict is that it has definitely feed my appetite for the full game and gave me the same feeling of hard-core hell and blood i felt in the first instalments just in HD!

So if you haven’t got involved then I strongly suggest you do so as soon as you can I certainly will do.

Words by Pete Butchers