By now we’ve all heard of breakthrough UK hip hop act Rag’n’Bone Man, he’s recently stormed the charts and radio’s with Human and more recently his second single Skin. For some people it’s gonna feel like he’s come from nowhere to storm the UK scene with his blues heavy, Southern drawl intermixed with grime artists and hip hop beats but he has been putting his unique style out for a while and it’s been the focus of my musical appetite for the last 14 months.

Picking up the much earnt critics choise award at this year’s brit awards

Hailing from a mainly heavy metal background Rag’n’Bone man was a leap of faith for me but one I’m so glad I made it, his music is instantly addictive and with lyrics that penetrete right to the heart and soul of you and a blues Rytham that flows through all his work in one way or another. Recently releasing his debut studio album ‘human’ Rag’n’Bone man is a welcome injection of originality to modern music trends setting himself apart with a lyrical Base that can be hard hitting and visit some of the dark places we don’t like to acknowledge but can also be full of hope and love for others and a better life.

Human, as an album was a different take again for me, I’ve had R’n’B man ‘wolves’ and ‘disfigured’ ep’s pretty much in repeat for months on end and loving the gritty feel these both had but on hearing ‘human’ in its entirety gave me a totally different feel again, with a more soulful feel spaced with ballards and a slower feel in the first half moving through to the hip hop beats and guest artists in the second. Human mixes some amazing new content with a few of the best from previous ep’s like ‘bitter end’ and ‘life in her yet’. 

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