I know, I know… It’s a bit late to be pushing Halloween themes on everyone with it being the 1st November BUT at least we’re not shoving Xmas down your throats like every supermarket starts doing in July AMIRITE?! Well I had a bit of a ponder about how many games all these sites would be recommending over the Halloween period and it got me thinking… Pretty much anyone reading this who has some experience playing video games in the last 20 years has played a title with the word Evil, Hill, Nights or Fear in. Zombies, monsters etc they’re all old hack. Alan Wake did something that made you feel like you were about to die at any second if you ran out of batteries! Who needs bullets when you’ve got a torch?…

Alan Wake is a psychological horror action-adventure game created by Remedy Entertainment, the team behind Max Payne. Following the format of a thriller TV series, the game follows protagonist Alan, searching for his wife after she disappears during their holiday in Washington while experiencing events from his latest novel which he can’t seem to remember writing. Although there’s additional DLC, there’s currently rumours of an official sequel but there’s books, a web series and an Xbox Live Arcade game that add and build to the Alan Wake world and explain the story and characters further.


I’ll admit right now, I only recently remembered this game when I discovered it becoming Backwards Compatible for Xbox One but ohmygod whatagame it was! I have very fond memories of going over to my best mate’s house to play it after buying it second hand for about £5 and freaking out at the ending! I never had enough money to purchase the DLC but the ending alone is enough to leave you satisfied with the game. Alan’s state of mental awareness seems to deteriorate the further you get into the game and what seemed so simple as shining a light at an enemy to expose it to destruction becomes so much harder towards the end. One challenge, in particular, had to be a fight in the junkyard while random crap is flying around your head while trying to stay alive. This game was rad, and it’s on backpat for Xbox One so you have no reason not to try it out if you haven’t already!

words by Elliott Stubbings

Special thanks to Wikipedia for all their researchy needs!