So here we are, after a decade in the waiting Final Fantasy 15 is now on the shelves and ready for you gaming pleasure. With a new battle system, world and host of skyscraper size summons there is enough to keep us all entertained until the next one I sure, that’s without even looking at the world map which to me looks about 20 times bigger that GTA 5!

I don’t want to talk about Square Enix foray into new and bold territory though, I want to take you all down memory lane to a simpler time of materia, chocobos and white-haired arch nemesis. Of course I’m talking about the awesome Final Fantasy VII, for most of us this was our first step into the Final Fantasy universe, if not RPG’s as a whole and what a step it was.

I still remember my first time opening the box, good old PS1 jewel cases, covering 4 disks it immediately seemed a daunting but massively exciting task to tackle.  Back in 1997 (OMG it’s that long ago, right I feel old now) this was the best looking game going, personally I think its stood up to the test of time, like the Sean Connery of games, its aged gracefully, even getting better with every year.


ff7 lineup.jpg

FF7 sees you take the role of Cloud Strife an Ex-soldier turned mercenary  as he works with his ever growing band of misfits and outcasts to stop the Shinra energy company and Cloud’s arch enemy Sephiroth as they race to unleash hell on earth. Initially fighting for his own gain and to keep a promise to childhood friend Tifa Cloud soon becomes more involved, joining force with others along the way he finds a reason to fight for a cause other than his own.


All in all  I could talk about what I liked in FFVII for days and days, there’s just so much great content within and outside of the main story. I spent hours just in the golden saucer chocobo racing and trying to breed myself a black one just to access the secret areas. Then, if you really want something to get your collective buster sword wielding teeth into give the Ruby and Emerald weapons a go, if I recall these took me a few weeks to actually kill but worth it in the end.

well folks that’s it for this one, I’d keep going but I’m sure you don’t want to hear me waffle like some pasty faced Politian scamming for votes around election time or that one fucking annoying kid at school that just never shut up! (calm down Pete)

I’ve got FF15 now so look out for my thoughts on the first few hours coming up soon


Words by the Butchers