We’ve reopened the vault! In response to the recent release of Battlefield 1, I decided to dig up what is – in my opinion – one of the greatest FPS games for the PS2. While current-gen war shooters are going further into the future or getting much weirder in terms of their stories, Battlefield 1 reminded me that most war games were better when they focused on an ACTUAL WAR! Medal Of Honor: Frontline had an opening that would’ve made Saving Private Ryan shed a tear and the sights and sounds that accompanied it made it such a PS2 staple, I’d be ashamed of any teenage boy who didn’t have this game in their collection back in the day.

Frontline is the 4th in the Medal Of Honor series, released in 2002 on the PS2 with releases on the Xbox and Gamecube later in the year. 8 years on, it also saw a remaster for the PS3. Frontline is an FPS set in World War 2, following the protagonist from the 1st game Lt. Jimmy Patterson as he fights his way through D-Day and foil the German’s plans from creating a secret weapon. The game sees Patterson fighting his way through varying locations but had a great change of pace in almost every level incorporating elements of stealth and exploration. This was the first Medal Of Honor game to be released on the 2nd generation of Playstation and received relatively high ratings amongst critics at the time.


I hope I speak for many guys and girls of my age when I say that this had to be one of the best real-world FPS of the early 00’s. Years before the trend of setting FPS games further into the future, Frontline had almost a humbleness to it with no frills or bells and whistles attached. Just a straight up WWII shooter that delivered. The change of pace with some of the stealthier missions had me on the edge of my seat with a personal favourite of mine being ‘On Track’ which sees the protagonist stealing a guard’s uniform and flashing fake ID papers to get into a building. Something that may not sound exciting right now but at 14 years old, this was incredible to me! The weapons were spot on and it never seemed to lack in that department, especially with the authenticity of a painful reload time. This is a game that sadly lost its crown as a brilliant real-world shooter to Call Of Duty: World At War but for its time, this was king. Go grab a copy of the remaster and go shoot some nazis!

words by Elliott Stubbings

Special thanks to Wikipedia for all their researchy needs!