Last night was an amazing night. They only went and made Skate 3 backwards compatible for Xbox One!! This got me thinking… Of all the skateboarding games that are available, which one would have to be king? The latest Tony Hawk game was a pile of bollocks and doesn’t even have local 2 player! Shaun White Skateboarding wasn’t the best of games and the Skate series, as fantastic as they all might be doesn’t have shit on the first 4 Tony Hawk games. In particular, THPS 2 is arguably the best in the original series before it became oversaturated and Robomodo decided to take a massive shit on my childhood! So kick back and let’s take a trip down memory lane…

THPS2 was a skateboarding game published by Neversoft and released for the PS1 in 2000 by Activision. The sequel to the ever popular Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, this game introduced the manual to the repertoire of tricks that the player could perform. It was also the first game in the series to introduce Create-A-Skater and the Build-A-Park features which have become staples in the series and pretty much any skateboarding game ever. Most levels would have the player trying to complete a series of tasks and challenges to a 2-minute time-limit including collecting letters to spell SKATE, locating hidden tapes and trying to perform enough tricks and combos to land a high score.


I’ve had so many debates with friends over which one of these games would be the king of skateboarding games and surprisingly to myself, I actually preferred Tony Hawk’s Underground to this one. But let’s be fair, the soundtrack for this game pretty much introduced 10 year old me to every band I listen to now and for that, I felt it only right to cover this instead. This game basically set the benchmark for every Tony Hawk game and it’s such a shame that Neversoft merged into Infinity Ward (the people who spunk out COD every other year) and went defunct 2 years back as they could’ve really injected some well-deserved life back into this franchise. On the plus side, this game had some of the best levels one of which has to be School. I have rather fond memories of fucking up a sick nosegrind while rocking out to Blood Brothers by Papa Roach. If you have any of the old versions of this game (not the remakes god forbid) then I sincerely think you should give it a go again. Maybe you’ll find your old baggy jeans and Slipknot hoody and we can bring back the early 2000’s in style?


words by Elliott Stubbings

Special thanks to Wikipedia for all their researchy needs!