This week it’s all about music you can bounce your booty to! Whether you’re into ska, funk, grime or a bit of guilty-pleasure boyband shit, you’ll find it here! Remember to grab our Spotify playlist right here yo!

Track 1)

I Believe You

The Planet Smashers

Descent Into The Valley Of…

Track 2)


Mystery Skulls

Mystery Skulls EP

Track 3)


Bad Rabbits

American Love

Track 4)

Virgin Dirt


The Blackest Beautiful

Track 5)

Yeah Yeah

Colon Open Bracket


Track 6)

They Come To Get Us

The Death Set

Can You Seen Straight?

Track 7)


P Money

Money Over Everyone

Track 8)

Summer Of ’98

The Secret Handshake

One Full Year

Track 9)

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys


Playlist curated by Elliott Stubbings

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