In Your Ears is almost at the tender age of #18. So why not celebrate its awkward transition into manhood (or womanhood if there’s any PC psychos out there) by giving it a punk jacket with a load of patches and shit on! This week’s all about the more modern side of punk (with a bit of Descendents thrown in for good measure). Spotify and bounce!


Track 1)


State Champs

The Finer Things

Track 2)


Every Time I Die

Hot Damn!

Track 3)

Abandon Ship


Orchestra Of Wolves

Track 4)

First Date


Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

Track 5)

Kabuki Girl


Milo Goes To College

Track 6)

Lights Out

Gay For Johnny Depp

Erotically Charged Songs For The Desperate EP

Track 7)

Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Helmet’s Page Hamilton

Evergreen Terrace


Track 8)

Say What You Want

Neck Deep

Wishful Thinking

Track 9)

Wake The Dead

Comeback Kid

Wake The Dead


Playlist curated by Elliott Stubbings

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