Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 22.44.33.pngWho’s got tats? Raise your slightly, ink-spoiled arms or legs and give us a wave! I was lucky enough to get my first tattoo at the tender age of 19. I played with the old ‘oooh what should I get? What style do I even like?’ bollocks and decided on a cute little mushroom the missus had found online. Luckily for me, I decided to go see the man – who has become a local legend – Jonny Black for a little chat before losing my pure-skin virginity and he led me in the right direction, tweaking my original design and eventually turning it into something completely original. And that’s what you get with this guy and why people travel from Europe to come see him; you get ideas upon ideas upon ideas.


From starting life in a shop as a humble apprentice, Jonny went off radar for a while and popped back up tattooing at home. In the 6 years since I first met him, he’s only gone and opened his own shop! This is Black Valley Tattoo. Right opposite Kew Lew for those who’re interested… Only opening at the beginning of October, Jonny and his sister/apprentice Steph have just now become fully-booked (apart from the odd no-show here and there) up until the end of the year.


Journey to The Valley

Jonny started life as an apprentice for Sonya Trusty of Reds Tattoos. Since then he’s tattooed at Sudbury Ink run by Sonya and her husband Glyn and tattooed from home under the alias theblackhartgalleria. He opened Black Valley Tattoos in October 2016 with his younger sister Steph as his apprentice.


I had the pleasure of interviewing the dark prince after a 3 1/2 hour session on my leg and foot (which fucking hurt I might add) which you can check out on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to check out the Black Valley Instagram and Facebook accounts as well as Jonny and Steph’s personal accounts for a little taster of what they’re all about!


words & pics by Elliott Stubbings