The Killing Tree teams up with Tom Gilmour.
Creating an abundance of illustrious defined line-work visuals, pleasing to the eye, with a prominent affinity towards monochromatic, bold mesmerizing patterns timeless in their own right.

Tom has progressed from his once uninspiring job working as a Graphic designer for a travel agents, creating holiday brochures and placing the sun to where Joe Public desired.

‘Good Karma’ from The Killing Tree/Tom Gilmour


You’ve got to appreciate and admire Tom’s tireless work ethic of endlessly improving upon his craft and continuous ability to hustle in London, through the many layers of social hierarchy, and vast amounts of enthused entrepreneurial figures longing for success and triumph in the non-corporate world.

Gilmour has been able to establish himself within his creative field amongst some of his early iconic influences such as Mike Giant, Gus Wanger and Jim Phillips, an amalgamation of styles of whom Tom places himself somewhere in between.

Notorious for his Native American style and nomadic themes. Tom Gilmour’s artistic impression often sheds light towards intricate experimentation, psychedelic styles and mixed symbolism recognizable throughout his rich tapestry of work.

The mandala coaster set


The Killing Tree’s alternative and authentic approach lends itself well to Tom’s style and ethos, Projecting on to a variety of mediums and not just limited to traditional print or human flesh (Yes, Tom decided against pursuing a profession in owning a prestigious London Tattoo parlour and instead concentrated on pouring his energy into his current activities) our product range accessories have diversified notably with the clear injection of Tom’s presence.

An exciting and fruitful collaboration, partnering with truly inspiring creatives such as Tom whom share the same defined vision and values as TKT.

Staying true to The Killing Tree’s core ethos of amplifying the untold truth in an honest and open way through design, music and cultural value – Our voice goes unheard when fitted into the stale mediocrity of society, that’s why TKT endeavour to work with like minded individuals such as Tom, which only fuels them more to create a product that resonates with the people who love them.

To get a real insight into Tom’s work please see his website here: Alternatively The Killing Tree’s / Tom Gilmour Product range here:

Jake Newbould