Its been a little while since I dragged you all into my journey through fitness and food, all the struggles, triumphs and sweat. It wasn’t that id fallen off the wagon (well a bit over Christmas, well three weeks!) I just wasn’t all there with letting you in again. But I’m back and ready to rock and roll down the rabbit hole towards those ever elusive ‘summer abs’.

Like I said I had some time off over Christmas mainly due to being lazy, a bad habit that needs to stop, but I’m there again now, training hard and working off the over indulgence we all had through the Christmas period. I have more of a plan laid out before me and feel focused on a goal more than ever.


Over Christmas I came to a conclusion, I’m never going to be ‘men’s fitness’ material, sure others will tell me otherwise and I know there are way it can be done but I’m being realistic and I think someone has to be to the average man out there, to tell them, no to reassure them that it’s ok to be average, that we don’t have to look like Tom Hardy or Ryan Gosling! To remember that we live in the real and unpredictable world.

tom hardy tattoos
Hard man Hardy, coooorrrrr!


I think men are becoming victims more and more of body shaming and the media showing an unachievable idea of what men should look like just as much as women are and have been for years only there is no one speaking out about men and the effect this has on them. We all have lives and jobs and things that get in the way so that we miss a gym session or cannot prepare all the food we are told that we need we all need to keep in mind that these faces in the lime light are paid to act or play sport of whatever and getting in the shape they are in is all part of that.


With all this is mind I went back to the gym about 2 weeks ago with a really positive attitude towards getting into shape and eating healthy. I got out my Joe Wicks Lean in 15 books (I love food so eating plain chicken and veg is hell for me) and took to the local supermarket to stock up on some goodness. My first session back with Ben was a killer, leg day but with a ‘go hard or go home’ attitude, between the squats and lunges destroying my pins I couldn’t even sit on the loo without holding on to the wall the next day!

Turkey burgers
My homemade turkey burgers
Chicken and mozzarella heaven


Its been two weeks now and I’m feeling good about working out and putting less pressure on myself is making me work harder and enjoy working out a hell of a lot more. I’ve had some sessions just on my own but really missed the encouragement and verbal abuse of training with someone so went to see  a PT friend of mine, Charlie, who put me through a back/shoulders/triceps session which was intense to say the least, I was aching so much by the time I got home I was sure I’d just done a few rounds with the hulk.

Well that’s a quick catch up, I’ll start posting regularly again now and will get some of the food I have cooked up for you good peeps, we all know it’s easier to train when you know there is some lush scran waiting at the end.

Words, sweat and hard work by your ever loving Pete Butchers