We made it! Black Friday’s DONE! While you’re bandaging up all your bruises and polishing your brand new 65″ TV you bought for a £10er, we over here at TKT//words have come up with 5 things you might have missed this month from our papa-bear at The Killing Tree! So take a trip with us down memory lane once again as we tell you a little story about staying warm, keeping your phone warm and all that good shit you like!

1) Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Couple of months ago it was warm as shit! Too bloody warm in fact. Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to pry me away from my toasty-ass bed without being able to don one of these banging sweats! I’m not just saying this because I, hopefully like yourself, am a fan of the threads at The Killing Tree. These are by far THE MOST comfortable sweaters you could ever own ever. And that’s saying something. Fuck off the Xmas jumper your nan sewed for you and get one of these bad boys on your person right away! Get your nan one too, she’ll probably cream her pants for the Starman Sweat


2) What’s Black, White And Red All Over?…

Who bloody cares!!!!! Unfortunately, at this current moment in time, you’ve probably missed the event of the month that is – Black Friday. I hate incur such a sore reminder of how you missed out on a tonne of awesome bargains because you pissed it all away down your local ‘Spoons BUT fear not!!!! By clicking on this little link here (or maybe the link above if you were a tad eager) you can sign up to TKT’s mailing list and get wicked offers, get a look at garms before the other punters do and all that jazz. Plus, look at all these bangin designs that got dropped this past weekend! Creativity VS. Logic was designed by the immensely talented (and Moulin Rouge coloured moustached) Delancey Throne who I had the pleasure of interviewing the other week! Proper nice gent. So buy some threads with his hard work printed on right now!

3) Stay Out Of The Basement!

Ever heard of this band Heaven’s Basement? They’re like huge. Go have a listen to them, it’s fine I don’t have to write another one of these for a month, I’ve got LOADS of time. Done? Right well the bloke smashing the pots and pans happens to be a fuuuuuuucking good artist. At the beginning of the month, the man, the legend Chris Rivers dropped some bone-tingling prints based on the late Bowie’s music videos. They’re hauntingly beautiful and would sit perfectly in an art gallery, your nan’s house, her bathroom… Speaking of which how is your nan?…


4) E.T. Phone Home, Mum’s Worried

Left one? Right one? Middle one?… Either way, either one OR TWO of these badass designs will be making their way onto a phone case so you can walk around showing it off to all your mates with their cheap-ass Tesco value iPhone protectors made from the tears of sweatshop worker’s children. Click right here and let the big boss know which one you prefer. Maybe make it a game like you’re voting for Trump or Clinton. So the one that you don’t want to win, will win even though you didn’t vote and now the USA is stuck with a guy who looks like he’s about to burp every 5 minutes! Oh Trump!


5) Prints. Not The Artist Formally Known As Prints

Paper’s great right? You can write on it, use it to wipe your bum. Or maybe even use it to scan prints on to send out with every Tee from The Killing Tree forever! Well, the good news is, not only are these prints hella sweet, they’re now on a better version of paper! Like paper V2. Paper squared. The papernator… Paper. The free thing you get with the tees is now even bloody better than it was before with an upgraded texture and grade on every sheet! Mmmmmm. Rub it against your body. I won’t judge…


See you at Christmas you bumders! Just gonna go indulge my paper fetish over at your nan’s house!

Words by Elliott Stubbings