Sooooooo we have all been aware of the suicide squad movie for ages! Come on I mean it’s been everywhere and with the age of the comic book movie well and truly in its adulthood we’ve all been ready for look into the dark side of the comic book world, the gritty, dirty side of hero’s and villains. Personally im a marvel fan first and foremost but Suicide Squad had me from the first trailer. Everything was there, violence, comedy, Harley Quinn and of course Will Smith (he’s pretty awesome in everything). Needless to say I was excited.

This was also my first trip to an IMAX aswell so I was like a kid at Christmas. Waiting to go in I really didn’t know what to feel,I had been so excited for suicide squad but heard mixed things from freinds who I trust on these matters. So standing in a queue that seems to be taking forever I’m up and down with excitement and trepidation.

Finally with food and drink in hand (tango iceblast as standard!) seated with all the leg room I could ever want, glasses in hand and a reclining chair I have to say I feel ready for anything DC can throw at me. The place is packed and you can feel the buzz building as the titles roll and the music comes in.

……………….well about two hours later and I’m nothing but completely geeked out by whatever just seen, everything was pretty much on point and exactly what I expected it to be. I was taken from the first 5 minutes as we were taken through back story’s and scene setting. Will Smith is on point, funny, emotional, serious and totally kick ass all at the same time. Tbh by the end this really was a film about will Smith as he captained the whole film, not only leading the film but leading the Squad aswell. Your heart really stays with him throughout and deadshots reasons for fighting.

Two big questions remained for me throughout the film, Harley Quinn and The Joker, how would they come across? Would Leto suck compared to Ledger? Would Harley just be a dumb blonde bimbo. Well I wasn’t disappointed at all! Margot Robbie smashed it out of the park playing Harley perfectly as a sassy and sexy mob Queen but that’s not all there’re oints through the movie where Harleys guard is down and the intelligent and emotional character she truly is, Robbie makes youfeelfor her and the desperation she clearly has to be loved by Joker. Talking of the devil himself Leto is awesome! Dont get me wrong he’s very different from ledger, Leto has ‘gangstered’ him up but it really works, he’s now edgy and seemingly more unpredictable than ever,there’s something more unused about Joker now that just makes him addicting viewing I just wish there was more of him.

Story wise it’s pretty standard bad guy (well girl) tried to destroy everything good guys (well bad guys) take her down, but the story isn’t what this films about, it’s all about the characters and how they interact as a team.its a social and emotional roller coaster through the DC comics underworld. If anything made this less enjoyable for me it would be Cara Delevingne’s acting, it left a lot to desire and though it didn’t make the film bad it would have Been nice to see someone moreseasoned taking on the role as when you put her up against the likes of Smith and Robbie she just kinda sucks bad.
In the end I early thought this was awesome movie, keeping the gritty feel of the DC comics and adding enough action and sex appeal to keep the less geekey movie lover pleased.

9/10 for me
Words by the butcher