It’s that time of the month again when the free PS Plus games list goes live and this month it’s a right old goodun! for months the online PlayStation community has been asking, no demanding that Sony put some full PS4 games onto the list. as much as we all love the quality of the indie games that are now on offer it would be nice to have some of the full price games and triple-A titles included as well from time to time…..well say hello to September boys and girls.

Sony has done us a spot on number this time with us PS4 owners not only getting the awesome adventure Journey but they have seen fit to send us the Norse-inspired adventure Lords Of The Fallen. while PS3 and vita owners will get there own  games i the form of Prince of Persia: the forgotten sands and adventure game Datura and the Vita crew can be happy wih legendary cult classic Badlands and visual novel Amnesia:memories.

Lords Of The Fallen:

An action role-playing game in the style of Dark Souls. Developed by Deck 13 and released in October 2014. I’ve thought about buying this a few times over the years but never quite got around to it so i’m pretty cuffed this has been added on.

Set in a fantasy world filled with monsters and disfigured demons you play as Harkyn wielding sword and axe to slay and maim all over the place and sent on a mission to stop a dark gods invasion to a land they were dethroned from.

LOTF got pretty good reviews when it was released, praise for the weapons system, dark mysterious themes and interconnected environments



Journey was developed by thatgamecompany in 2012. The game centres around a robed figure in a vast desert heading towards a distant mountain and solving puzzles along the way using nothing but a musical chime to talk t0 others and transform dull cloth into game-changing vibrant red pieces. Along the way players will meet others playing the game but with not way to communicate and not even a name the idea is to create an emotional connection with the strangers you meet along the way.

Journey won a load of awards including being recognised for a number of game of the year awards and was considered to be the best game ever made at one point.

This is a must have f this month, a game that everyone should play at least once and more if you can, its an amazingly immersive experience that’s more like a visual and auditory barrage of beautiful digital creation. if you only do one thing this month get this game!


words by Pete Butchers