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Shooting the breeze with Overwatch

Posted on May 09 2016

So in my ever present love for video games and on the recommendation from a few mates I took to my beloved PS4 and downloaded the Overwatch Beta to see what all the fuss was about.

From the off this feels like a Blizzard game, its polished and smooth in both looks and feel. I cant help but think that if World Of Warcraft was a futuristic, crazy shooter this would be it and I guess that’s how Blizzard felt when they created it. it has the same cartoon stylings to it and in the couple of hours I played there was a solid sense of teamwork and community present.

I opt to give the training and practice modes a go first to get the feel of the game (Call Of Duty is way too engrained in my mind). I’m really happily surprised when I get into this to find that its super easy to navigate and, for a tutorial super short but still containing all I needed to know. with this out of the way I move over to the shooting gallery, I was happily greeted with the chance to change my character and upon choosing to do was overwhelmed by the choice and diversity of what was on offer there, already setting Overwatch apart from the other shooters on the current market. my only niggle with this section of the game is that it forces me out before I have had the chance to try all the varied and many characters on offer.

Sticking with the theme of all the characters that are on offer I move over to give the full online play a go, thinking about who I’m gonna play as I look at the characters, split into 4 groups, offence/defence/support/healers. I’m super indecisive so I go for the weekly brawl option which gives me random game modes and random characters both on my initial spawn and respawns after that, perfect for my playing style and really adds a fast free flowing element to the games play that I fully enjoy. This never becomes boring, respawns are super quick and the excitement of not knowing who I’m going to spawn as is great.

I play for a few hours, taking part in objective based games defend and attack either a fixed location or a moving payload. Both are really fun to play and staples for the FPS genre but Call Of Duty this is not, the games are short, fast and fluid in their approach to achieving what it needs. I get the grip of a few characters but my total favs are Reaper (A grim reaper, double shotgun wielding badass) and Tracer, a female character again double wielding but with some  awesome sub machine pistols and the power to short teleport and rewind time, super effective in tense situations.

This is all topped off by the great level design offering multiple routes and floors to each level creates a feeling of exploration rarely felt in online shooters. They are colourful, fun and inviting giving the player everything from London back streets complete with red phoneboxes and cobbled streets to the wild west and oriental gardens, nothing gets boring or old.


Final verdict: This is a great game so far with very little that I can see that needs to be changed or fixed for the final version. fast and paced well with unlocks along the way offer some good reasons to keep firing this one up. I cannot wait to get the full game in my hands!