If you were to tell 17 year old me that one of my favourite death metal bands would be selling out the Royal Albert Hall, I’d probably flip my emo fringe out of the way and laugh. Yet here we are, 8 years later and lo and behold, I’m sitting at the top of the venue watching a full blown orchestra playing along to It Never Ends while Oli and co do their thing. Bearing in mind they managed to sell out this show in an hour, managing to get a seat right at the top with a crap view was a miracle in itself.

About an hour ago, we were treated to the lush electronic sounds provided by PVRIS. A band who are perfectly suited for supporting the new and improved BMTH sound. Since their departure from the brutal, guttural stylings, PVRIS are miles away from most support acts that they’ve had in the past. Both bands showcase tunes that are much better suited to radio 1 rather than some emo kid’s bedroom. Shortly after blowing the crowd away, Tim Lovejoy takes to the stage to show us a short video for Teenage Cancer Trust. Within 10 minutes, the Parallax Orchestra and choir take to the stage playing a beautiful original piece that melds into the intro of Doomed. The crowd go absolutely mental as Oli and co swagger their way on and get in position.

 The band look on form tonight, filled to the brim with energy and constantly on the move.

The orchestral arrangements are perfectly suited for the songs from That’s The Spirit. Tracks like Avalanche, Happy Song and True Friends make excellent use of this one off collaboration. It’s the older songs that benefit the most from this though, with Shadow Moses and It Never Ends shining through the set making you realise how far this band have come since their first show 12 years ago. The fact that I’m sitting next to a bunch of pre-teens with their parents shows the musical direction has really taken a turn for the mainstream. And I’m pretty sure that just shy of 6000 people don’t care they’ve lost their heavy touch.


It’s not all fun and games though. Keyboardist, Jordan Fish’s vocals seem lost throughout the show but this is normally saved by the crowd and choir backing him up. Not to mention I must’ve lost count of the times Oli backed out of the biggest choruses, screaming ‘sing it’, opting for the crowd to do it instead. Watching him throughout the show, you could see the fatigue start to set in as he struggled to push the notes out. I suppose when you have a mass of adoring fans singing every word with you, this doesn’t matter so much. Not to mention the band look on form tonight, filled to the brim with energy and constantly on the move.

All in all though, this night couldn’t have been better. The band have proven they can change their music for the mainstream audience and create a bigger and better fan base while still keeping the older fans happy. Seeing a wall of death at the Royal Albert Hall from above is a sight to behold. Their final 2 songs Drown and Oh No were performed and executed perfectly with the choir never faulting once.

The whole show is available from their website to pre-order as a CD/DVD package so if you didn’t manage to score a ticket, make sure you catch a glimpse of a band who can only get higher. From the state of tonight, one can only hope that BMTH get bigger and better from here on in.
Author Mikey Thin