Picture the scene. The sound of buzzing needles like a swarm of mosquitos fills your ears. Awesome acoustic sounds coming from a stage in the centre of the room and artwork as far as the eye can see. Not to mention some killer threads being modelled by the more beautiful people to grace your eyeballs. This is The Great British Tattoo Show.

Only being able to attend the Sunday (Comic-Con took priority over my Bank Holiday weekend I’m afraid), I managed to catch the quieter side of the show. All be it; there was still a massive attendance of people crowding to get inked by some of the UK’s finest! With artists from all over the shop, including Illustrated Primate from my hometown, there was plenty of options for people whether it be their first tattoo or their hundredth. At a cheaper rate than shop price as well, if you were in attendance and missed the chance to get anything, you must’ve been off your nut!

weird and wonderful taxidermy, a killer barber and tongue splitting

While I spent most of the day wandering around the venue at Alexandra Palace, I encountered many of the other stalls they had such as some weird and wonderful taxidermy, a killer barber (killer as in awesome… not that Johnny Depp film) and making my way back to the Brother’s stall to fill myself up with some glorious cider on what was such a hot day. Speaking of hot! I also spent most of my time hanging around the main stage with my camera out trying to get the best shot of all the models showcasing the latest ranges from Alibi Clothing, boutique wedding dresses and some crazy underwear. With the MC for the catwalk bouncing up and down the stage in between giving us some class banter and throwing out the possibility of going quintuple denim! That’s shirt, jacket, jeans, hat and underwear if I remember right…

Unfortunately, I managed to miss a mental fire show from the dolls UK, burlesque routine and a few seminars on tongue splitting but for those of you interested in your ink and piercings, I highly recommend going next year. If you’re a beauty or have a raging beard, why not enter next year’s Beauty & The Beard competition? Or find some fantastic artist with a design you’ve had in your head since you were 13 and get that art on your skin! Don’t miss out. GBTS 2016 was a belter!

Words by elliot stubbings

Ryan Davies Hall smashing it on the catwalk