Or rather... my problem with creativity and how to harness it (before it goes away)

What problem?

Well having a multifaceted role can be a blessing. As the ‘creative’ director of a clothing brand I often get to sit at home in my boxers scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and then knocking out a few emails. The post man knocks on the door and he knows me well enough not to be offended my undergarments in glorious Technicolor. Gotta’ love Dave. Back to the question at hand; the problem I experience is that my inspirational levels come in waves. The highs are high and I have more ideas than I can handle in an hour, a day or year. The dry spells are a baron wasteland of vanilla notions. I have made some of my biggest mistakes in the ‘vanilla’ spell. I’ve commissioned artwork that doesn’t make sense, that isn’t right and as a result I have a back catalogue art that has never AND WILL NEVER see the light of day in a TKT tee. Art ain’t cheap by the way kids. My bad.

So the key to this whole circle of inevitability is self awareness. Not on a Siddhārtha Gautama scale (google it), but more of a 21st century approach.

It is inevitable that the dry period will, in a word, dry up and that the mind will again flourish into a neurological succession beautiful ideas, whether your bag is art or music (or anything else creative). The thing I’ve learnt to do, with the unwavering patience of my wife, is to catalogue the ideas when I have them. Chances are they might not be actionable at that moment in time, that’s cool, just don’t lose them. I use an app called Wunderlist, split my projects up and have team members assigned to the relevant. One is for me however.

‘BRAIN DUMP’. That’s my reserve of wacky, amazing, ludicrous ideas I save for vanilla moments. I tap into that and creativity is restored; usually at full capacity. Other things that help:

• Exercise.
• Take a day off.
• Invest in a stress ball collection.
• Inspirational music soundtrack (joke this only works for Rocky.)