So arriving late to the gym again, anyone would think some part of me was, on some level trying to avoid it! And maybe part of me was, my training partner Ben Sampson is an absolute tyrant to train with pushing me beyond levels I ever thought I had. Today has been arms day for us and typing this is difficult for me, but I feel like I’ve earnt it and that the hour and a half of sweat, pain and many many swear words have been totally worth it.

It’s that feeling of earning and working at something that will change me for the better that has made me want to include this part of my life in TKTwords. Where the majority of our content is based on entertainment and lifestyle, I hope this works as an inspiration for some people to get off their keister and give the gym life ago (it’s not all protein shakes and plain chicken).


I went back to training when to my dismay some of my clothes didn’t fit, and I went up a jeans size! I’d slipped out of keeping fit and discovered a love or maybe obsession with Haribo (my drug of choice for sure). I had gone back to the gym on my own and thought I was doing well and giving my all to every session (and oh how wrong I was…) All that changed when I bumped into a mate of mine who had just finished training for a natural bodybuilding show and was kidnapped into being his training partner. I really didn’t know what I was in for!

I’m a few weeks into training with Ben now which is kinda where I wanted to be before I started the Reluctant Bodybuilder (Kudos to my wife Jo Butchers for the name.) And I can honestly say they have been the hardest exercises I’ve ever done in my adult life. I’ve spent times calling an exercise bike a fucking bastard to both myself and Ben, sharing a window through a real fear of banishing our day’s food from our bellies.


Over the coming weeks and months, my journey will appear here in the hope that at least one of you will give it a read and hopefully find some inspiration, but I’d just be happy with you all getting a laugh out of the sheer hell Ben puts me through each day.

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words by the ever seeking a better body Pete Butchers