Here we are, still going strong and I’m hoping that I still have some readers out there in the digital landscape. So what’s been going on for me in the realm of getting from Dad bod to fit bod? Well I can’t say I’ve had the best time of it, stuffed my elbow up doing chin up’s (though i can do 7 in a set now so pretty stoked about that!) But that put me out for a few days, I can’t pretend it wasn’t nice to have a bit of time just being a lazy sod though! What was it my wife said………Pete, you’re like a chunky Joe Wicks……..thanks, babe I’ll bank that one.


I’m still buzzin from my last loss of 10 pounds though so got Ben to put me on the industrial, elephant scales at the gym to see what’s going on. 5  minutes later and after choking Ben to death with my sweaty socks! I get a tiny slip of paper that tells me not only should I weigh under 12 stone but have the metabolic age of a 46 year old, silver lining: I’m 4 years off getting that mid-life crisis Harley Davidson. Forgive me for a second while I swing into serious mode, these readouts are great for progress but if you do use them don’t let them rule you, mine says I should be under 12 stone, now being 6’1″ and of a big build anyway this is never gonna happen. my advice is to check these readouts with a qualified personal trainer to see how they affect you individually.

Right enough of that serious talk back to Ben’s mission to make the next Dwane Johnson. So I had my few days out and went back with payback in mind, big time like Mad Max style payback. How you ask? Calves is how I did it, one of my gifts from the genetics gods is to have calves the size of gammon joints stuck between my knees and ankles. Mission complete. The grimace on Bens’ face said all I needed and wanted to know. One wind under my belt and feeling like Rocky Balboa I failed to realise that I’d have to come back and face the music the next day!




Till next time people

Words by Pete Butchers