So here we are again, back to my life in the fast lane, trying to keep fit and healthy with all the modern conveniences and temptations around.

Since the last time I was here things have been up and down, training was going really well and my diet was pretty clean (there were some treats but don’t tell ben), I’ve had a week off my normal job and have been going pretty regularly trying to keep up with the spartan regime that Ben likes to put me through and the constant whirlwind of different exercises he likes to throw at me, if I didn’t know any better I’d think this was some sick experiment for him, to see how long I would last.


My favorite day this week has been leg day (something I like to think I’m pretty strong in) so we hit the Strength and conditioning room at the back of the gym (soundproof so we can grunt and shout all we want quite happily) There really isn’t a feeling quite like deadlifting in your MC hammer drop crotch trackies hahaha though if ever there was a face only a mother could love it would be mine during this workout!


Unfortunately while thinking I was the next Arnold Schwarzenegger I managed to pull something in my lower back, putting me out of action for the rest of the week which of course because I have the willpower of Donald Trump trying to not say anything stupid my diet has suffered a bit and I have indulged myself a little to say the least (choco/mallow popcorn is just the fucking bomb.) As i write this though I’m about an hour away from my first day back to the grind, Ben is gonna pick me up so I’m not late and I have got my food back on track with some teriyaki turkey which was lush.

Time to start the push again and try and get back to that 10 pounds loss i had at the beginning of the week.

Good luck with your own journeys people and I’ll see you on the flip side.


words and sweat brought to you by Pete Butchers