Kevin Smith… I salute you. I blame this movie for corrupting my 10 year old mind, force-feeding the word fuck into my vocabulary and leading me to wonder ‘what is this weed they speak of?’. I also have to thank it for the above. I mean… FUCK. As far as comedy duos go, this film does it spectacularly well. As part of the View Askewniverse and following on from the cult-hit Clerks, this movie follows 2 skeevy stoners named Jay and Silent Bob (obvz) getting into all sorts of escapades as well as taking the piss out of every pop culture reference they can get their hands on. As far as cameos go, this film had it all for the era throwing punches at American Pie, Dawson’s Creek and Good Will Hunting with all the stars in the aforementioned movies playing themselves in the most self-deprecating manner they could muster. Do you like fart jokes, monkeys, Shannon Elizabeth (that there girl who got her boobies out in American Pie) and a good old fashioned buddy comedy? Then why the fuck haven’t you seen this shit yet?!

I don’t really think there’s any way to ruin the plot, spoilers or whatever so you’re pretty safe in that aspect. The story follows Jay & Silent Bob as they make their way to Hollywood to stop a movie being made that’s based on a comic that uses their likenesses without their permission. Except they think they can make bank if it gets made… I don’t really remember. This is a stoner classic and has Mark Hamill playing a character named Cock-Knocker… Do I really need to tell you any more than this? It’d be like trying to explain the plot of Dude, Where’s My Car to a millennial. Just trust me on this one! Also, as you can see below, it features some of the best response to early-internet trolling you could ever see!

Again, I think I may have to thank my sister for this one. At 10 years old (the age I feel my taste changed for the better), I sat down and watched this flick and came out the other side more vulgar than ever. With SO many references to other movies, characters within the Askewniverse and fart jokes, this really was a movie made with everyone in mind. I still think my personal favourite scene would have to be the shooting of Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season… SNOOCH2THEMUTHAFUCKIN-NOOOOOOOCH!

Words by Elliott Stubbings

Special thanks to Wikipedia for research, my sister for exposing me to this amazing movie and Youtube for having some of the best bits available at the click of a button!