Welcome to 2017! Did you miss us? We might’ve missed you… But we mainly enjoyed spending all our money on alcohol over the festive period. Oh well, we’re back and back with a vengeance! Gone are the days of our weekly playlist In Your Ears as we leave that bad boy to sulk in the shitstorm that was 2016. This year, we’re gonna be giving you some recommendations of some of the sickest albums, films and video games that we here at TKT//words personally love and think you need to love too! Be prepared for the obvious choices, some obscure selections and maybe some guilty pleasures for good measure.

I thought I’d kick off the year with a band who needs no introduction… An album I received as a hand-me-down, featuring a single that was played at my year 7 disco (censored obviously) and had a bunch of rowdy 12-year-olds doing the iconic dance. I’m talking, of course, about one of the greatest nu-metal era albums of the 00’s, Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavoured Water. It became the fastest-selling rock album selling around a million copies in its first week, beating Pearl Jam’s album Vs. in the process. In my opinion, it has some of the best songs from the band’s entire career as well as some of the gnarliest riffs from the dude that is Wes Borland. It also marks the last time that they released anything actually good until the release of Gold Cobra in 2011 (I say actually good sparingly… It wasn’t shit?) barring Eat You Alive I guess…

So where to start on this mothertrucker… I’m 10 years old, just hit double figs and my sister (who’s 5 years older) is clearing out her CD collection. I’ve got a cassette collection of Backstreet Boys, 5ive and pretty much every Now That’s What I Call Music album. As you can tell, I was brought up on a lot of pop music, never truly exposed to rock (apart from having Pink Floyd and Hawkwind constantly played AT me by my old man) or hip-hop. So I grab a hold of this, stick it in my shiny new CD walkman and within about a week, I’m singing all the words to Hot Dog as loud as I can while my mum drives me to school. Absolutely amazing. Future warning, most of these stories will include my mum having to explain what the lyrics meant. See System Of A Down – Violent Pornography and you’ll see what she had to deal with. This was music made for drinking to, dancing to, fucking to… I mean shit, it just marks the moment when Limp Bizkit peaked and peaked hard. If you haven’t already? Fuck you. If you have? Fuck you too. I’m gonna go play WWF Smackdown Just Bring It and play as Fred Durst… Now where’s my baseball cap at?

Words by Elliott Stubbings

Much love to Wikipedia for all their researchy needs.