Happy Halloween you animals! I’m gonna take a guess that by now, you’ve all pre-celebrated the night of the living dead by going out all weekend and getting well and truly smashed right? Well hopefully you didn’t spend ALL your money on novelty cocktails and another slutty nurse outfit (aiming this very hard towards our big boss editor Pete Butchers… Although I hear he can pull it off better than your average ho) because we’ve gathered up 5 things you should have been excited about this month and for another month to come!

1) Wait A Minute Mr Postman!

Remember cards? Basically, before computers, we’d send these to each other on special occasions. Sometimes we’d write a little message inside it reminding the recipient that we hold them dearly in our hearts. Nowadays, we have Facebook reminding us to post on someone’s wall and just write some meaningless tack or share the latest hilarious meme of some adorable animal doing something stupid while we splurge the word BURF somewhere in the comment. So this year, why not get a TKT card created by the very talented @shepherd.illustration and show someone you actually went to school and learnt to write! Just hope the other side can read or you’re a bit fucked.


2) Blade & Blade II. Not That Other One With Ryan Reynolds Being All Ryan Reynoldsy

Are you a Wookie? Or slightly less hairy than a Wookie but still rather hairy and in need of some grooming? Well, your luck might be about to change as the recent drop of the Blade of Truth and Snake razors might have you looking sharper than a Victorian pimp! Using artwork from Manc-based tattooist @dsarok and TKT familiar face @tomgilmourart these new additions to the TKT collection are sure to be a hit with the ladies. Great for getting the edging just right on your pit hair girls! Oh, guys can use them too I guess…


3) Hangin’ Out

Not content with throwing clothes, grooming products and art prints your way? Here at TKT we like to push the envelope as much as we can and keep coming up with new ideas. Here comes the next star piece! Our limited edition wall art is just that thing this month. Not wanting to sound all Laurence Llewelen Bowen but this is what you need to make your house look as dapper as you. Made from blackened birch and sporting some awesome artwork from TKT regular artists. Do yourself a favour and get these up on your wall, available in A2 and A3, it’s the perfect way to finish any room.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 13.52.32.png

4) Hadouken!

I just thought I’d put this in here as while I’m busting my ass working in a stressful kitchen during the week, it’s good to see that the TKT office has just got a new arcade machine… Seriously, do some work guys! #sojealous


5) Just A Thought…

The TKT crew strive for independence. Whether it be big boss Karlos packing your latest order, big boss no.2 Anneka personally replying to your email concerns etc. Well TKT have just teamed up with the awesome marketing company thoughtshift, a company that reflects the independence of TKT (go read how their company started and grew, it’s absolutely wicked). This is an exciting time for all! It’s gonna be like TKT on steroids except without being all angry and roidy… So nothing like steroids…


So enjoy your Halloween OR hangover party people! We’ll see you next month when we can all get excited about how close Christmas is. We can wear our Xmas jumpers, eat mince pies, snuggle by the fire… Who knows… Maybe even TKT Xmas jumpers?…


Words by Elliott Stubbings & Pete Butchers