The Killing Tree’s mission is to bring art within easy reach of everyone, and we take pride in working with some of the UK’s most talented and innovative artists. Tim Gilmour is one such creative individual who has contributed an astounding collection of exclusive prints to The Killing Tree’s range.

Who Is Tom Gilmour?

Tom Gilmour is a London-based illustrator who takes inspiration from early 1980s skateboard graphics and black tattoo art to create works that are dominated by heavy linework, nomadic themes and occult imagery. Drawing every piece painstakingly by hand with ink and then adding digital renderings and splashes of watercolour to create shading effects, his work is powerfully aesthetic and dramatic.

Once a graphic designer working for travel agents to produce holiday brochures, Gilmour has now moved on to a more inspiring and creative career, producing mesmerising art with defined linework and monochromatic patterns that truly please the eye.

An illustrator by trade, Gilmour has lent his artistic ability to other enterprises to produce album cover art, t-shirt designs and promotional posters for the Download and Sonisphere international music festivals. However, he will only work on commercial assignments that showcase his talent without having to sacrifice his own style and artistic vision.

Nomadic Theming and Native American Styles

Gilmour derives creative inspiration from Native American styles, and his rich works show intricate experimentation and psychedelic creativity paired with recognisable mixed symbolism that makes a dramatic visual statement.

Although he once entertained the notion of opening a tattoo parlour, Gilmour instead decided to pursue art through other mediums, and not restricted to the body or the canvas, his exclusive collection has now found its way onto wearable art pieces that fans of alternative fashion are proud to wear.

The Killing Tree and Tom Gilmour

Tom Gilmour’s work and ethos resonates strongly with The Killing Tree – both are passionate about taking a fresh, authentic and alternative approach – so it makes sense for the two to pair up in the creation of art that can be worn.

Not only is The Killing Tree a vehicle for Gilmour’s art-inspired clothing, it also sells his prints too, with intricate and detailed pieces such as Phantom Limbs which harnesses Eastern style mandalas, classic black-line tattoo art and images from the occult to spectacular effect, and Good Karma, with its similar theming that offers a visual feast for the eyes.

Whether you choose to display pieces like Spirit And Wisdom on your wall as a talking point, or whether you prefer to be a walking canvas with a distinctive tee that expresses Gilmour’s artistic message, alternative art lovers are sure to be impressed by these exclusive works that have been created especially for The Killing Tree.