Are you in a band? Know someone who is? Are you made of rubber and get pinged at people in classrooms and the workplace? 

If you’re the first two, we need you! For the past few months, we here at TKT Words have been featuring a band every week as part of our regular feature – Tuned. We’re almost at the end of Vol. 1 and we’re now looking for bands for Vol. 2! We’ve had some great responses and helped some awesome bands gain some new fans and more. 

If you’re interested in being a part of Tuned Vol. 2 then we’ll need a little info. Before applying, we ask you to read through a few pointers we’ve learned from Tuned Vol. 1.

1) You must have a release available for us to listen to. Demos are acceptable but only if you have plans to record a single/EP/album in the next 2 months after submitting or have been touring extensively

2) Make sure your music is accessible! Each time we’ve asked for submissions, we get around 100 at a time. We’re a very small team it takes a long-ass time to work out why your SoundCloud link on your website is impossible to find. Youtube and Spotify links are just as good!

3) We’re huge fans of bands ditching the labels, producers or promoters and doing it themselves. We love a good story about hard work so let us know about it!

4) Don’t go quiet on us. The bands we select to feature will get interviewed. Don’t submit if you’re not going to bother replying to us. 

5) Make sure you share your article around! The main goal of being featured in Tuned is to be a part of something with a group of other bands. We’d like to encourage bands who’ve been featured to share their articles and this blog to get more people exposed to their music and hopefully pick up some new fans who wouldn’t have thought to listen to them in the first place. 

Our criteria isn’t huge. We’re looking for any genre in any country. We just want to be exposed to new music and pass that on to others! So if you’d like to apply, all we need is the following:

1) A line-up photo

2) A live photo

3) Your logo OR the artwork cover for your latest release

4) Band line-up

5) Formation date and location

6) What genre would you class yourself as? What bands would you happily compare yourself to?

7) The title of your latest release and a link to download/buy it

8) Either a link to your EPK or a short bio

9) A Youtube video you’d like featured. Either live or your latest single

10) 3 links you’d like included (FB, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Twitter etc)

And finally tell us something we wouldn’t be able to find out about you online. Your highest/lowest point? Your biggest musical influence? What colour socks you’re wearing? 

If you’re still with us… Go to our Facebook page, give us a like and drop us a message. If we like what we hear, we’ll contact you as soon as we can to have a chat, a cheeky interview and let you know when your article will be published. Can’t wait to hear from you all you bloody nutters!

Words by Elliott ‘The Butcher’s Apprentice’ Stubbings