Brittle Head Girl


Line-Up – Ryan/Vocals, Guitar. Ritchie/Guitar, Vocals. Gavin/Bass, Vocals. Chris/Drums

Formed – 2008

From – Edinburgh, UK

Genre – Indie, Rock, Alternative

Latest Release – Zero Heading (Album)

Zero Heading

For Fans Of – Smashing Pumpkins, Therapy?, Placebo

Edgy, grungy, alternative, DIY bliss. If you’re stuck on what to listen to this week, why not check out Brittle Head Girl’s latest effort, Zero Heading? There’s no easy way to describe their sound without using some comparisons so here goes… Nirvana cheered up a bit and had a kid with Smashing Pumpkins. The offspring was raised by Placebo and told that it was only allowed to listen to alternative rock bands pre-2005. This bizarre lovechild would result in the former’s new record and realistically if any of the previous adjectives or band names made your eyes twitch a tad then this is for you. These crazy Scots have had no help from labels or producers, self-releasing and recording their tunes and sticking them out there for the rest of us to dribble over. They’re doing a tour in Scotland in October so make sure to say hi from us here at TKTwords!

You guys have been going for eight years now which is wicked! Do you think more people come to see live shows than they did when you started?

I think it’s been pretty much steady we started. The bigger the venue, the bigger the audience.  We have all played to 2 people in the crowd and a few hundred. It’s a shame people do not support local bands a lot more and just want to nip down to their local venue to catch a band. I know we have all done this over the years and found many a good band.

So aside from your upcoming tour, what else you planned for the rest of the year?

Well, we all have jobs so working! As a band, we are all keen to keep writing and recording and aim towards another album in the new year. We are rehearsing like mad just now for our little tour supporting our new EP out in October this year going over 15-20 songs we can dip in and out of so we don’t get bored and stale. We have so many ideas and demos, but it’s just finding the time to start recording again.

There’re so many new ways and platforms for bands to promote themselves and get their name out nowadays. Do you think bands NEED labels anymore?

Nah not really. It depends on if you want to record music, play gigs and get a good following or become U2 massive! Obviously when we all started out the need for a deal was what it was all about. We have all been in bands that have had offers of record deals but for various reasons didn’t happen, and now we all feel we are just happy recording and release everything ourselves. Obviously, we would love to have a label behind us to get our songs out to as many people as possible and to have more opportunities to play festivals and higher profile gigs, but we do ok as we are. Our tour of Scotland in support of our EP in November proves that you can book tours and release music without a record deal.



Go check out Brittle Head Girl this November around Scotland!




Words by Elliott Stubbings