Carl Olander


Line-Up – Carl/Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Joel/Vocals, Keys, Lucas/Bass, Marco/Guitars, Niccolo/Drums
Formed – 2013
From – London, UK
Genre – Singer/Songwriter, Indie, Folk
Latest Release – Lions – Single
For Fans Of – Mumford & Sons, Passenger, Ben Howard

Swedish exports are great fun. IKEA, Kopparberg, Spotify; these are all Swedish products we know and love and now it’s time for a new export to enjoy. Carl Olander, born and bred in Gothenburg, has been bringing his Scandinavian charm to the UK for the past 3 years churning out pop and folk tunes left, right and centre. Armed with an acoustic guitar, a breathtaking voice and his band of talented musicians, Carl’s taken his music to over 300 shows as well as showcasing his songs across Europe. With sounds not so far off from a Mumford & Sons revival, this is an act you must find time to see. This is feel good music that’s perfect for chilling out to in a beer garden, sipping your cider. We recommend you check out the latest single Lions and get happy and pumped for their EP coming soon.


What would you say your influences are?

I am taking influences from everything. I listen to almost everything, it varies from jazz, to metalcore, folk, pop etc, it really depends on the day. The beauty with music is that you can always learn something from it. When I’m writing music, I’m always writing from things that I have been going through in my life. It can range from relationships to things that just happen everyday.

What’s been the high point of your musical career so far?

I would say that our highpoint so far was our tour in Italy this April. It really opened my eyes and I discovered, even more so, that this is what I want to do. I want to travel and connect with new people around the world. Playing live is something that we really love.

What does the future hold for you guys?

We are playing some festivals this summer, planning to release our first EP in October and we are planning another tour this fall.



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