Line-Up – Cherry/Vocals, Ed/Guitar, Vocals, Calum/Guitar, Theo/Bass, Kyle/Drums

Formed – 2013

From – Hertfordshire, UK

Genre – Alt-Metal, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore

Latest Release – Grow (Single)


For Fans Of – Memphis May Fire, Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens

Over at TKT, we’re big fans of hard work. Whether it’s straining your face muscles really hard to grow a big bushy beard, starting up a clothing company or working your arse off to get high profile shows with big name bands, we acknowledge the effort that went behind it all and scream KUDOS! And kudos to Defences! Just last year, this 5 piece metalcore band from Hertfordshire have gained awesome radio play on BBC and Kerrang! from their latest 2 singles as well as having supported amazing bands the year before. After speaking with the group, it seems to be a new era for female-fronted bands without the overbearing shadow of bands like Paramore or Within Temptation dictating what it is to have a female at the mic. And these guys have nailed the music behind her with hook-laden choruses, melodic and groove-ridden guitars and awesome beats and production flourishes here there and everywhere. Go check them out now, I can guarantee you-you won’t be disappointed!



In 3 years, you guys have managed to play sell out shows at some of the best underground venues in London, supported awesome names like Our Last Night and haven’t even released a full length album yet! What’s your secret?

We’ve just had a lot of great support and opportunities we’ve been fortunate to be a part of! We’ve been working really hard to get our name out there, especially in London, and have been lucky that people have been willing to give us a shot.

Since the success of Paramore, essentially every female-fronted band ended up getting pigeon-holed into the same genre. Do you feel like this has changed since then or do you still think band’s get lumped into the same bag because of the sex of their singer?

I think it’s improving! I don’t think every female-fronted band gets pigeon-holed, but there are still a lot of bands that immediately get compared to bands like Paramore, including ourselves, regardless of the genre of the music, because they are female-fronted. This probably wasn’t helped by the fact that when Paramore first became quite big, there were a lot of imitation bands; very similar music, singers with red hair… You know what I mean? Hayley Williams wannabes basically! But now, there are so many amazing and diverse women in Rock, it’s getting harder for people to do that, which is good! It means people can focus on what we as musicians want them to focus on; the music.

Has anyone ever told Ed (guitar/vocals) he sounds exactly like Andrew Carey from Evergreen Terrace? Seriously it’s uncanny.

No, we haven’t heard that before! We’ve heard that he sounds a bit like Corey Taylor. But I think you’re right, I think we’ve found his doppleganger!






words by Elliott Stubbings