Free Sun Rising


Line-Up – Gavin/Vocals. Michael/Guitar. Cory/Drums. Steve/Bass.

Formed – 2014

From – Birmingham, UK

Genre – Rock, Hard-Rock

Latest Release – Light Of Day/Brad Pitt (Singles)

Light Of Day

For Fans Of – Pearl Jam, Down, The Damned Things

The riffs are groovy; the vocals are powerful as hell, and the drums are in your face. That’s what you get with the two singles from these Brummy boys. In their short career, these guys have been recognised and picked up for some airplay by Kerrang! Radio and BBC Introducing as well as a sweet interview from Johnny Doom of Kerrang! One quick look at their FB page will tell you that these guys are booking the hell out of 2016 and are currently recording an EP which, if it’s anything to go by with their first singles, will be a stunner. At a time where this style of music is incredibly over saturated, Free Sun Rising manage to wedge their way into the forefront and make themselves known, rather than just pushing out another average tune that so many before them have. I can only hope that they keep that free sun on the rise (I’m so sorry #notsorry)!


Who would you say your biggest musical influences have been?

Our influences come from a great range of bands whether it be the bands Michael our guitarist is into like Alterbridge,Black Label Society or Ozzy to our bassist Steve who loves his 90’s indie stuff. Our drummer Cory has a wealth of drumming influences from Blink 182 to jazz drummers. And Gav takes influence from vocalists such as Chris Cornell,Brandon Boyd and Jay Buchanan from rival sons to name just a few. With all these different types of influences our sound is massive and melodic.

Gavin’s stated that he was diagnosed with PTSD from his time in the army. Would you say that writing your lyrics has been a therapeutic experience and given a certain degree of depth to your music?

I’d say writing lyrics has helped my mindset. It surprised me that it all came out and to have these thoughts and feelings of how I was to read them back is like looking at a different life for me. It’s been very therapeutic, and I didn’t in any way mean for it to happen. It just came out and to be fair it gives the lyrics some true meaning for me.

What’s the game plan for the coming year?

This year we’ve been concentrating on building the fan base out of our hometown Birmingham. We’ve got one of our tunes “Light Of Day” onto BBC introducing which we’re very happy about. We’ve done some tv and more radio. We’re heading into the studio in August to record our third tune for our EP. There’s a lot of gigs for us to get through a couple of festival slots too so it’s all go for us which is exactly what we want.






Words by Elliott Stubbings