Line-Up – Karl/Vocals, Bass. Martin/Vocals, Guitar. Oliver/Vocals, Guitar. Tim/Drums.

Formed – 2012

From – Stoke-On-Trent, UK

Genre – Metalcore, Deathcore, Extreme Death Metal

Latest Release – Image Of Atrocity (EP)

Image Of Atrocity

For Fans Of – Hatebreed, Carcass, Machine Head

I hope you’re ready to pick up parts of your face as one listen to Headpress’ latest single will have pieces of it lying all over the floor. Brutal vocals, relentless double bass and some saucy groove-laden riffs are only a small part of what makes their latest single so impressive. Headpress are giving the groove metal genre a run for its money with impressive high-end production and a furiously straight up music video to boot. Having supported American Head Charge and Soulfly, all that awaits these four powerhouses from Stoke-On-Trent is their own headline tour! If you like music you can punch your gran to or just start a wall of death on the train to work to; then this is your jam. Go give them a listen. And wear a helmet.

So I see you’ve played in Europe, how was that? Would you say there’s more of a market for underground bands in the UK or overseas?

It’s hard to say really because as enjoyable as it was in Europe the venues we played were places that people would probably go for a night out anyway so it is hard to gauge what the scene is like. Some areas in the UK have a great scene and some amazing independent bands doing the rounds; I suppose there’re so many bands out there now doing various styles that people can pick and choose a bit more to what scene they want to be part of. I’d say that in Europe that there’s less of a divide between so-called different ‘genre’s’ of metal which possibly helps.

What kind of themes were you playing with, lyrically, on Image Of Atrocity?

There’s lots of reference to political censorship and people’s perception on life. Watch Like Cowards’ specifically points towards people in a high power position cowardly judging and dictating from afar.

What’s been the craziest thing you’ve seen while on the road? Had any broken bones at your shows?

We’ve witnessed a few crazy things and even some bizarre bands, however, I think the craziest gig we did was in Bradford which amongst other things our driver and friend got locked up for breaking into student halls because they were trying to watch Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson! What student is going to pay £20 on box office!! Safe to say it was all booze orientated and ended up being a very long day! We did have a broken nose in a pit once- turned out being a brother of the band who did it, there’s always a few bad heads after a gig as well as we love a good old boozing session after.







Words by Elliott Stubbings