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Tuned vol 1. Jessica Lovelock

Posted on July 01 2016

Jessica Lovelock

Jessica and her motley crew


Line-Up – Jessica Lovelock/Vocals, Davide/Drums, Michael/Guitar, Alex/Bass

Formed – 2011

From – London

Genre – Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Soul

Latest Release – On My Terms – EP

For Fans Of – Nina Simone, Adele, Lana Del Rey

Singer/songwriters. There’s a lot of them… Most of which are either desperately trying to create something new and original (and the majority of the time failing) or just uploading vast quantities of their own renditions of popular songs and not getting anywhere. Luckily for the voice of Jessica Lovelock, she’s managed to tap into a real lo-fi sound and just excelled over the top of her backing band with a truly soulful and heart wrenching sound. With her debut EP being released recently – the standout track being Priority which you can view below – it’s surprising how long it’s taken for such a powerful voice to make a dent on the UK music scene in terms of releases. Part Adele, part easy-listening soul-pop and part having a glass of wine by the fire before you get down to making babies (or love, it’s definitely not BDSM music), Jessica Lovelock is one to look out for over the coming years. Fantastic voice and a great band to back her up.



So you’ve been on the scene since 2011. When’d you decide to get a full band together? Was it just you before that?

I’d been writing for years by myself, performing solo, when I moved to London my ex accompanied me on guitar for a few open mics, performing some of my original music. We broke up when I started uni and I tried to start a band there but we didn’t really have the same tastes and I wasn’t happy to surrender so much artistic control over the material. So I decided to hide away and write for a year, not gigging, just working on my songs. A band is very much like a relationship, you spend a lot of time with these people who take your most personal thoughts and bring them to life. You need to be able to trust them with some of the most fragile parts of you. It’s only in this past year that I’ve had a full band again, we all work really well together and have a laugh, which is important, the material can get a bit heavy so it’s good to have a light hearted team around you that support what you’re doing.

What would you say makes you stand out from the rest? What would you say to people who simply dismiss just another girl and a mic?

My story. Everyone has a story to tell but no one has lived the same life. I’m here to share mine and hope that someone can relate to it and find comfort in knowing they’re not alone and perhaps challenge their perspective on the situation.

Your lyrics for your EP seem to be quite personal. Does this make writing easier when it’s straight from real life?

It certainly makes writing easier. There’s a lot of different types of writers out there, some people write about what they observe, or make up fictional situations, others write straight from the vein so to speak. I would say I am the last one. I can dabble in the other styles but the most rewarding for me is to write about what I’ve experienced. This is mainly because writing is a form of therapy for me, it helps me process the things that have happened in my life from different perspectives and get closure.


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