Line-Up – Sam/Guitar, Vocals, Paul/Guitar, Vocals, Joe/Bass, Vocals, Ben/Lead Vocals, Phil/Drums

Formed – 2007/2014

From – Ashford, UK

Genre – Punk, Indie, Ska

Latest Release – Back In My Day/Ashford Royalty (Special Edition Album)

Back In My Day/Ashford Royalty

For Fans Of – The Clash, Capdown, Mudhoney

Punk’s not fucking dead! Right? I mean if it is, I’m pretty sure the boys from tHE rASH are zombies and are coming to eat your ear brains (or just brains)! Similar to zombies, though, this band have seen a revival in their tunes after forming in 2007 and killing the group off only to reform in 2014 and get faster, better, stronger, harder and deeper… With a mega thick DIY ethic, these boys seem to have a middle finger up to today’s overpriced artwork designer or record label and are making doing it yourself look bloody easy! So why not check them out in a town near you? Lose yourself in their eclectic mix of indie, punk and ska and remember. Aim for the head!… No wait don’t. They’re not actual zombies… It’s been a long week.

What made you want to record your EP and album yourselves? 

We wanted to record it ourselves basically because it’s so much cheaper and fitted in with our schedules and lives and jobs etc… But also, we get to have complete control over exactly what sound we want!!

What’s been your highest point so far?

Our biggest high point is hard to pin down to be honest. The fact that we’re still able to achieve what we achieve despite all of us having families, kids, jobs, busy lives is a miracle. Every time we get together and play our hearts out feels like a high point. However, if we had to pin it down, early July we played a little local festival and the reception we got from the crowd was bloody humbling. We all had a lump in our throat.

What’s your favourite zombie movie? Are you lot more of the George A Romero lovers or fans of Warm Bodies?

Zombie films…… Older (George Romero) is better generally although films like World War Z and and 28 Days Later are also awesome.






Words by Elliott Stubbings