It’s my pleasure to be asked to write to you about the The Killing Tree clothing. This is an organisation still very young but seemingly buoyant in a cannibalistic sea. TKT has always been about art in every respect.


The bones of the company have been set in representing new artists, discovering new ways of putting creativity into clothing and making sure our wears are truly badass. Since our formation in 2014 we have been able to achieve a number of great things including being featured in GQ Magazine twice. We’ve managed to upscale our operations and very quickly to allow UK distribution. Our customer base has also grown significantly. As a result we can truly say we have a family atmosphere when it comes to our customers. Those family members that have invested in us are repaid with incredible discounts and have an interactive say in the way that our brand is moving. An example of which is our most recent line – Starman vest, where we opened up a forum on Social media to allow for tweaks and comments. Through interactive discussion with our customers we have scoped a design and perfected it – it is now selling very well and more importantly to the specifications of our customers. The ‘open forum’ approach is not new, but the way we do it is and for as long as we are running we will listen with humble ears.

James Elmore rocking out the Starman vest

There is a great amount of negativity in the industry at the moment which we are keen to avoid. Although we in part agree with our fellow indie stances on hijacking practices that negatively impact online retailers, rather than bitch and moan about the way things are changing we are trying to evolve with the times. To stand still stubbornly will lead to a painfully slow death – we have seen some of our greatest inspirations in independent fashion tipple over.

So what’s coming up? LOTS. We are branching out into the US this year, as well as growing our Wholesale business and have plans to open a store in Manchester. We are also very excited about TKT//Words the online blog, and the quarterly printed magazine.

Here’s to a mean 2016.
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