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1. The Characters.

If you’re a Daryl and Carol fan, maybe it’s best you look away. Those who are aware of the comics know that Daryl is an original character for the TV show with his brother Merle, yet Carol is something completely different to her comic book counterpart. Having died quite early on committing suicide, Carol is a relatively meek character in the books, having a brief relationship with Tyreese and even asking Lori and Rick if they’d considering bringing her into their marriage and sexual relationship… Not to mention The Governor raping and beating Michonne. Oh and Andrea never died. She becomes Rick’s love interest later on after the death of Lori.


2.  Storyline
While the TV series focused almost 2 seasons on the prison, the comic seemed to phase past this in a quick fashion. Obviously the show’s budget can only let them progress so far with the story based on their locations and casting. The comic however seems to spend more time on backstories and developing character relationships. While the Governor captured some of the characters on the TV show, in the comics he pursued a much more disturbing path. After raping and torturing Michonne for what seemed like weeks, she returned the favour by scooping out his eye and mutilating his genitals. Something AMC probably couldn’t get away with subtly on the small screen.


3.   Carl

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying that Carl is the most annoying character The Walking Dead has. Not to mention the fact that he’s already in his teens playing, what’s meant to be, a child, his whining and rebellious attitude begins to get old. Understandably, the producers have brought in a love interest in the later seasons but in the books, Carl is a much cooler, understandable character. After losing his eye in a friendly fire accident, he becomes much more interesting and finds a love interest in the latest series of the comics in a girl who dresses like the dead. But more on that another time…


4.  Speed
It took me 2 days to read 150 issues of TWD. With each issue at only 24-30 pages long and a few of those just purely being artwork, you can get a lot further in a shorter space of time than watching the show. Many episodes have to be stretched out over time to fill gaps and expand on additional characters. As mentioned before, 2 seasons in the prison was only about 10-20 issues of the comic with the later issues likely being 3 seasons ahead in terms of the show.
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5. Darker

So Judith dies! Come on, if you didn’t read the spoiler warning earlier then you shouldn’t be allowed to read! Remember when Lori gave birth in the show and died from blood loss? Well in the panels, she survives childbirth and they all continue on as a happy family. Until the shootout at the prison when she gets caught out, falling on Judith and crushing her to death while the group make their escape. Not to mention all the additional rape, mutilation and comic book gore that just wouldn’t translate onto TV.


6. The Alien

So you’ve made it this far, you must not care about spoilers anymore. Good. This is the biggy… In the first story NOT written by creator Robert Kirkman, Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin tell the story of Jeff and Claudia, a tourist and his armoured saviour who are trying to make it out of Spain in the TWD universe. Like Fear The Walking Dead, this is the first time we see another group of survivors but more interestingly, we see how it’s affected other parts of the world that isn’t just in the US. Not to mention the spoiler of all spoilers. That Jeff has a message for his brother Riche. Who everyone calls Rick… Read issue 3 and you’ll work out why this is as exciting as hell!


7. Supporting Print Media

Comics seem to be going the way of the CD. Dying out slowly and being replaced by digital sales or just not being read at all. But the artwork from Robert Kirkman and his team is just stunning to look at. It’s lack of colour makes it that much more gripping for the story to shine through and it just looks great. It’s something you need on your bookshelf (or toilet… Hey we all have to read something when our phone dies).


8. It Can Only Get Better

Everyone’s excited for Negan. The hype surrounding the TV show has grown and we all want to see who’s going to get a bashing from his pride and joy Lucille. For those who’ve read the comics, you know how savage and flat out crude this character can be but the threats keep building after him. Just like The Governor and herds before him, the latest threat to Rick and his group is bigger, better and nastier than you could probably handle. Almost nearing the 200th issue, you can expect to see more death, gore and brutality until Robert Kirkman decides to put this project to sleep. Plus, if RK decides to drop out of the TV show, the direction could change entirely and likely tail off into what half the show is all about on screen. Lots. Of. Walking.


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Author Mickey Thin