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John Craig - Model, Actor and Pirate.

Posted on July 03 2016

John Craig - Model, Actor and Pirate.

I recently attended The Great British Tattoo Show at Alexandra Palace. With so much to take in from the constant mosquito-esque buzzing noises to the beautiful people on the catwalk, one male model stood out from the crowd. No I don’t mean our world famous TKT Words editor Pete Butchers (although that man rocks an apron like no other), I’m talking about John Craig. Like some sort of tattooed alternative super-hero, this guy is a body piercer by day, TV actor on the side and is reaping in a successful alternative modelling career by night… Or day. Depends when the shoot is I guess. Anyway, I decided to catch up with Mr. Craig and ask him a bunch of things!


It seems that male alt-models have changed their style greatly in the past 10 years. From skinny jeans and emo fringes to full sleeves and beards, do you feel it’s important to keep up with trends or create your own?


I try to keep my look as fresh as I can. It’s hard to stand out from other models but when I look at pictures from conventions, I do have my own look. Some people say it’s like a pirate which is cool. Some say a modern Freddie Mercury which is cool as well I guess. I did have a beard but it become so massively popular I soon shaved it off because it was trending.






Is there anyone in particular you want to be tattooed by in the future?


I would love to be tattooed by my good friend Dan Stewart who works in Avon studio Bristol. His work is so epic in such a short amount of time. He’s got such a long waiting list and I’m the kind of person where I want it there and then.


So the GBTS was a lot of fun. Loads of beer, food and obviously a shit tonne of tattoos. What was the craziest thing you witnessed over the weekend?


Well it wasn’t that crazy this year although it was a amazing event. Last year I saw some quite brutal piercings and as a body piercer myself it made me cringe a bit. The Great British Tattoo Show is one of my favourite events of the year. It’s a time where all models come together and get wasted… Good times!


What advice would you give to young models just starting out?


My advice to any new model is try to think outside the box. Trust me, whatever idea you have I can assure its been done a million times. You want to lie on a car looking sexy? No fuck that, get the photographer to edit it so you’re picking that car up! Make people think yes!!! What a shot! Anyone can pout and put cheesy underwear on but not many can make an image that’s been in Las Vegas. Use your imagination! Let it run wild and if you keep doing that then you will have a big break.


How long have you been modelling for?


I’ve been modelling on and off for 3 years now. I do a lot of work for TV that is amazing. I’ve filmed up Warner Brothers a couple of times which was mind blowing.


What do you do for a living?


I’m a body piercer, model and TV actor. I’m looking into doing other stuff but I can’t say too much right now.


You’ve got a killer stash… What products do you use to keep it looking so sweet?


Do you know what? I treat my tash so awful that I can’t believe it looks so good. I find wax melts through the day and once you lose 1 side of your tash, it looks stupid. So I use good old strong hair spray and a hair dryer. Doesn’t move all day but also drys it out but seems to be ok at the moment. It took me a year to get it to a good length. If you would have told me 5 years ago I would be known for my tash I would have laughed.


How do you feel about tattooed and pierced models making it into places like Vogue? Do you think that high end fashion should be letting more inked individuals among their ranks or should it stay the way it’s always been?


It’s a good thing that big companies are getting used to the fact that tattoos are massive at the moment. It’s the in thing and will be until the day we die. I’ve shot for Von Dutch in the USA and it was the best experience of my life. So yea it’s good to see it breaking out. Note to Vogue – I’m free to shoot whenever you need me haha!


What’s your favourite scary movie?…


My best films are all the Saw films. They’re so well put together. Even though there have been so many they are all so amazing and brutal to watch. I do like the old school Hellraiser and Nightmare On Elm Street series too. Classics.


So now you’ve met the man behind the stash, why not check him out on or if you’re in the Brighton area, go let him inflict some pain with a needle or 2 at Ink a Sketch Tattoo Studio


words by Elliott Stubbings

Original content first published on TKT Words