Another month gone. You’ve gotten older. Maybe a little chubbier? Who gives a shit right? Maybe you ordered some bangin new threads from The Killing Tree Clothing. In which case, here’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane for ya. If you didn’t… Here’s 5 things you might have missed!


1) Free art for the free world


Hands up! who wants some free stuff on us? No one? well ill keep it for myself then haha. only kidding. If you get ya self over to the Killing Tree site grab ya self a tee (standard) we’ll throw in a free matching peice of artwork to sling up on your walls and make your house/flat/palace took as super fly as you do already! this is on us and this is forever, we haven’t raised the prices we just wanna give something back to you guys and show of some of the ammazing talent the UK has to offer!!!!!




2) Long Live The Queen! All 71 Of Them…


Do you happen to live in Southampton or Bristol? Is there a 71 Queens near you? Don’t like buying things online because you once got mugged out of £500 for some crap you never received and now it’s scarred you for life? Well lucky for you, the lovely peeps over at 71 Queens are stocking some banging TKT stock for you internet shopping prudes! Go pop in and say hi, maybe even get a tan! Or don’t… Wouldn’t hurt though?


71 Queens Ya’ll


3) Karl Did A Thing!


Sometimes, Karl does a thing. Karl is The Killing Tree King (long live the king). When he isn’t doing a thing, he’s normally found in his underwear, posting things on Instagram or saying he’s working when he’s really playing PS4. When he DOES do a thing, this happens. I know what you’re thinking… That’s some real farm to table shit right there.


September Image.jpg
Death’s Head Artwork – Start to Finish


4) Vantaways


It sucks when you have to admit that the rare British Summer is coming to an end. You’ve only just started sticking to your diet for your rocking Summer bod and now it’s time to tuck into some comfort food and pyjamas for as that bloke offa telly says: Winter Is Coming. So what better time than now to grab some reduced price sunnies and just wear them all through Winter anyway because f*ck conformity! [side note, you may recognize these bad boys from GQ magazine]



Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 15.26.33.png
Vantarays On Sale!


5) Nature Calls


And finally! If you haven’t seen these designs yet and you HAVEN’T been living under a rock, I’m ashamed of you and I implore you to read on. The Forces Of Nature line dropped at the beginning of September as well as a tasty restock and even a remix of an earlier design have popped up on the site. Critics are comparing the creator of the Mandala Death Box, Tom Gilmour, to Mr Kipling with one made up gentleman saying the tee was exceedingly good. Then he tried to eat it. Please bare in mind, TKT clothing IS eco-friendly but not edible.



Forces Of Nature Collection feat. DJ Restock



So there it is. You’ve made it through another month. Payday’s either just been or right around the corner. So give me 197 great reasons why you’re not going to splurge for some new TKT goodness? Crack on then mate!



Words by Elliott Stubbings
Published first on our blog