The Killing Tree Is Back | Our Story



We know things got bad… we know many of you got hurt but things are different now… have a read below.

The Killing Tree was born as a brand for the people, for the artists, the creatives, the people who didn't want to fit in, or conform and F*&*%NG loved it!

Inspired from tattoo and art culture the brand grew and became a key name in it’s market – the go to escape and brand for many of you loyal #TKT family.

However, as many of you already (unfortunately) know, things got bad. Many people never received their orders, suppliers didn’t get paid and investors lost their money.

This was a bad period for the previous business owners and as things got worse the business was forced to close down going into liquidation in late 2018, leaving many people without orders and losing
their hard earned cash.

When this happened the brand & its designs were sold to a new co of lenders who recognised the potential this brand has and wanted to bring it back to the people who once loved it.

The brand is now back and has rejoined the path to becoming the king of the U.K. alternative fashion market.

Things are different and we won’t let you down.

Thanks for coming back.

Be Proud… #BETKT