About Us

Mixing trending elements of emerging fashions with strong and unique designs, The Killing Tree Clothing comes into view with an alternative to expensive high street fashion. Art is at the centre of the company, combining talents from designers, artists, models and musicians from across the world to inspire and create more art that you can wear!

 Currently there are too few boutique labels that are able to do limited runs of eye-catching garments at an affordable price. Working with aspiring and incredibly talented individuals from the modelling and creative fields, we are able to synergistically boost the profiles of our artists whilst keeping costs down for the customer. But mainly keep the core of our business moving with exceptional artwork and designs.

The Killing Tree Clothing have an intrinsic link with new music and support music scenes across the country. From holding Killing Tree Events at our partner venue in York at the historic venue Fibbers, to exclusive endorsement programs that enable young bands to look great on stage whilst growing awareness of the brand across the country.

The assembly of each of these creative forces under a single umbrella, working together for the same mutual prosperity is what makes up The Killing Tree Clothing's SOUL.

We believe in Love, fairness and exposing the untold truth. Often our designs may be on the cusp of controversy but only to highlight an issue and add credence to it. We are small voice in a cruel world but with hope our designs amplify our message.