Exposing Art

Exposing Art.

Sometimes you need to be bold. 

We never preach, we don't rant. We just concentrate on making freaking excellent goods all day long. We've been working on our 'Exposing Art' program behind the scenes which focuses on getting people more engaged with the magic creative people make. 

We are lucky enough to work with some of the greatest artists in the country and as a result we have made a bold move... with every tee or vest that is purchased you will get a FREE art print that matches. 

We want you not only to wear art, we want it on your walls, we want the talking point of your living rooms and hallways to be about the insane talent this country has to offer. We will also have every print available for sale in A3 and A4 versions if you want to build up your collection but for now know that THE KILLING TREE are supporting the magnificent industry that has helped us so much. 


We haven't put our prices up to supplement this, it's on us. So order tees and enjoy. Love TKT.